Francis family private vehicle restoration


1960 Ford Ranchero another restoration project.

I acquired this old car to restore. This one is going to be a lot slower because of the amount of work that needs to be done. Any way here are some pictures of how she looks as I got her. So far the only major rust is the floor pans which I have already got. Also the leaf springs were rusted in half because it was sitting directly on the ground already got those replaced and a new set of tires so I can move it around easier. It has all the emblems and all the trim still with it just need to clean them up good because someone painted them brown to match the rest of the car.  

Once I start I will also need a complete tailgate because it is completely rotted away internally. I might be able to redo the inside and replace the skin on the outside. Need to get into it first and find out how bad it really is. 

Also both the front and rear windows are broken where some kids decided to throw rocks at it. It still has the original 6 cylinder motor and 3 speed manual transmission and they still work. She will need a lot of TLC. 

I have also purchased the quarter panels that I need so I am ready to start on it. I actually cranked and drove it around the yard the other day.








More pictures and more updates to follow.