Francis family private vehicle restoration


My Brother's 1984 GMC restoration project



After Removing the Bed



After removing the Motor



Here is the Motor in progress 305 bored 60 over.



Here is the Motor back in the Truck.



Here are some pictures of the new flat bed he is building






Painted the Rims







Tail lights



New conversion it is now a Short wheel base 4X4 Dually

Here is a few pictures of stripping it down and getting ready for the transfer





After the cab transfer forgot to take any pictures of the Redneck way we transfered the cab. We jacked the cab up with a big farm jack and then blocks beneeth the cab until we had it high enough to transfer the cab from one frame to the other.

Here is a couple pictures after the transfer



Here are some pictures of the front bumper he built



More Pictures to come.