Francis family private vehicle restoration


I purchased my first Ford Focus in 2000 a 4 door hatchback  with 12000 kilometer on it for $6000 with a new factory warranty. I drove the car for 7 years put a total of 270000 kilometers on it and during the time I owned it I put a Stainless steel exhaust system on it from the engine back. I put a heated windshield in it and BMW M3 style elctric and heated mirrors also out heated seats in it Had a Alpine stereo with infinity speakers. I also put a aftermarket console in between the seats. then I put a complete body kit on the car. Then when I left Germany in 2007 I sold it for $4600. Below is a few pictures of the car before and after. 


Before the rear spoiler      Before the Euro Headlights


After the Euro lights and front spoiler and before bottom rear spoiler




Dash is a white in day and blue at night also the console I installed




Side view without rear bottom spoiler and summer rims and tires




Rear bottom spoiler and another side view After it was repaired.


Now for the rest of the story about 6 months before I sold it I was coming home late at night from work and a rabbit ran out in front of me while I was doing over a 100 mph and below some pictures of the damage it did.








Now the final picture when I went over 200000